Mental health and the hourly worker [3 min read]

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You, together with the 4.8 million self-employed individuals in the UK are ‘micro-entrepreneurs’. While there are a number of benefits of deciding when you work it can also come with increased stress and anxiety. It’s important to recognise, as working alone means you tend to have less company and colleague support.

Here are some ways to help you get into good habits to take care of yourself:

  1. Breaks

Working alone can lead to isolated, high-intensity work. This may involve irregular work with no fixed hours to guarantee a specific income. You may try to complete as many shifts as possible as fast as they come up which can easily slip into an unsustainable way of life leading to “burn out”. The mind has to “switch off” sometimes so step away from your work environment for 15 minutes – have a coffee or phone a friend regularly throughout the day.

By having regular breaks you can release the invisible tension that builds up in your body and mind. Try and develop a relaxation technique you can use when you feel symptoms of stress kicking in. This can be as simple as closing your eyes, breathing deeply and slowly for a few minutes.

  1. Try not to work when you’re unwell

It’s tempting, we know. Especially when you’re worried about the financial impact. However, as a solo worker, your health (both physical and mental) is critical to your productivity. If you take time to recover it will pay off in the long run. Taking out income protection insurance will cover you when you can't work.

  1. Find a buddy

Someone who can empathise. This is often someone experiencing a similar situation. Take time to chat and listen to them. More importantly, be there for each other.

  1. Plan and organise

The freedom of working alone brings responsibilities like admin or taxes. The effort we put into this directly translates into our income, which can be time-consuming and stressful. Portify is here to try and help you. We see those working alone as some of the hardest working entrepreneurs who deserve a break. So, we work with other companies to lower the work of dealing with your finances. In the Portify app, you have the option to connect your bank securely, and make informed financial decisions by looking at your income, expenses and tax calculations. We’re constantly building new products to help you with your finances too. If your balance is running critically low, we’ll give you emergency money to help you and we offer income protection insurance so that you're always covered - we go the extra mile and trust our users.

By keeping the above in mind, you can make the most out of this flexible way of working without risking your wellbeing.

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