Developing Your Side Income [2 min read]

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Do you want to make some extra money in your spare time? Online platforms make it easy to find freelance gigs to earn some extra income, so why not try:

Becoming a driver. Generally, working during lunchtime and evenings rather than mornings, as well as on weekends (7pm to 9pm) may give you a higher chance of earning more due to a higher volume of orders. We’ve heard it can quieten down after 9pm, but this all depends on what zone you’re in. The weather can sometimes factor in, when its wet and cold, rates may increase. In some cases, drivers or couriers can get bonuses when signing up with a referral.

Becoming a referral source. Every business needs a referral source to keep sales going, just look on company websites to see if they have any cash referral offers. You can earn a fee on each referral just from talking to people. Even at work, your company may offer a referral bonus for either new employees or new customers.

Doing handy work. After all, everyone needs repairs.

Investing in a skill or item. This may involve teaching yourself something new through an online course or at your local college. Similarly, don’t forget about the skills you already have. Do you speak another language or are you a great cook? Use them. Some of our users have also managed to boost their income by investing in an item through a one-off payment and renting it out for a higher return on their money. For example, we’ve seen bicycles for rent on Fat Llama for between £7 to £45 per day.

Making extra money is one way to improve your financial wellbeing. You’ll be able to reach your goals faster by increasing your income and reducing your expenses at the same time. However, make sure you keep a good balance in your life.

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